1.7 Development Vision of Setiu District Local Plan Review 2003 - 2015

Setiu District development vision is;

"To establish Setiu District as the centre for production and processing of agricultural and marine products as well as eco and agro-tourism as well as an educational centre for the northern region of Terengganu."

1.8 Objectives of Study

As a continuation to the development visions of Setiu District as stated above, therefore a number of objectives for the Setiu District Local Plan Review were drafted to serve as a guide to the planning and development sectors involved. The objectives of this review are: -

  1. To interpret policies and proposals contained in the Setiu District Council Structure Plan and the Setiu District Local Authority as well as development policies and agendas of Development for the Terengganu State into physical form.
  2. To provide the  Planning and Development guidelines to Setiu District Council (MDS) as well as government agencies and the private sector in the development of the study area.
  3. To identify key projects for development as well as providing implementation programmes and development cost estimates.
  4. To improve and enhance the traffic system as well as proposing new routes towards accelerating growth within the study area.
  5. To preserve the built environment and natural resources with environmental essentials, historical and aesthetic values that must be preserved and maintained.
  6. To provide adequate and quality infrastructural facilities and utilities, in the main settlement centres and the villages.
  7. To urbanise the rural areas through the provision of adequate and quality community facilities to improve the quality of life.
  8. To establish an effective Local Authority management structure to drive and implement proposed programmes and projects.