1.9 Intepretation of State and District-Level Policies

Based on the concept and development strategies of the Northern Terengganu region, the Setiu District Council Structure and the Setiu Local Planning Authority Plan 1991-2010 as well as Setiu District Development Plan 1991 proposed that focus is given to the development of agricultural and tourism sectors.

Given that both these sectors are the prime assets of this district it is expected that the level of economic development can be increased by strengthening the development of the sectors thus indirectly becoming the catalyst for municipal activities.

Based on these two studies, the development objectives outlined for Setiu District are as follows:

  • To diversify the economic base
  • To improve urban development in order to achieve the proposed municipal hierarchy
  • To provide good infrastructure base
  • To increase the agricultural yield and quality
  • To increase tourism activities

2.0 Development Concept and Strategies

2.1 Introduction

The development concept and strategies that have been enacted at the Setiu District Local Plan Review Technical Report level aim to be a more comprehensive, viable and sustainable planning direction through the provision of detailed proposals in accordance with the potential and suitability of all aspects that have been studied.

This Development Concept and Strategy Division will discuss briefly about the current state of the study area and formulate the selection of appropriate development concept and strategies for the local plan area (LPA) in terms of physical development, economic development and social development.