2.2 Formation Fundamentals of Development Concept and Strategies for Setiu District

Among the development objectives and strategies considered in the development of the concept and strategies for Setiu District are as follows;

  1. State Government Manifesto - Islam Hadhari Terengganu Bestari
  2. National Development Strategy
  3. Concepts and Development Strategies of the Northern Region
  4. Setiu District Council Structure Plan and Setiu Local Planning Authority 1991 - 2010 as well as Setiu District Development Plan 1991.
  5. Policies in the National Physical Plan
  6. Proposed policies and development strategies in the Structure Plan of Terengganu State.

2.3 Development Concepts and Strategies of Northern Terengganu Region

The development concept and strategies of the Northern Terengganu region (Besut, Setiu, Hulu Terengganu and Kuala Terengganu Districts) show spatial development with four main zones, which are the municipal and growth centres, agriculture, forestry and conservation plus tourism.

The regional concept and strategies are based on issues that have been identified as follows;

  • The need to diversify the economic base,
  • The need to enhance the transport and traffic system,
  • Development should be implemented in an integrated manner,
  • Compact growth centres must be enhanced, and
  • Efficient management of natural and environmental resources
  • The need to increase the total population growth rate